Nepenthes @home May 19,2019

Nepenthes seeds

N. mirabilis Red x ampullaria Red speckle will be available on this week on ebay

N. (Viking x Hookeriana) x northiana

                  Photo  from my CP’s friend Mr. Joe Xcplants April 28, 2018

N. thorelii x (veitchii x boschiana)

N. boschiana x petiolata

N. ampullaria x sibuyanensis

N. thorelii x Mixta

update April 23, 2018

N. thorelii (d) x veitchii Bario

update April 22, 2018

N. GT8510 x bicalcarata

GT8510 = “Tiger” x “Viking” natural hybrid update April 22,2018

N. Viking x ampullaria

update April 21, 2018

N. thorelii x truncata

update April 21, 2018

N. mirabilis x veitchii Bario

  update April 21, 2018

Nepenthes image on Apr 09,2018

N. (Viking x Miranda) x rafflesiana

N. (Viking x bicalcarata) x ampullaria (my collection)

N. (Viking x bicalcarata) x ampullaria

N. Kuchingensis

N. ampullaria (August 13, 2017)

N. (Viking x bicalcarata) x (veitchii x boschiana)

N. mirabilis x veitchii

N. bicalcarata x (spectabilis x northiana)

N. (Viking x ampullaria) x northiana

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Nep@home Dec 09,2016

Nepenthes photo from other CP’s Thailand # 1


Nep@home Nov 11,2016

germinated seeds report Nov 11,2016

show you for my germinated sedds, cheers. some seeds not germinated yet (cry)                            

Report for germinated seeds

Show for germinated seeds that I was sold to you (I was kept some seeds to grow) Most seeds I was grow on 06 Sep 2016 I was…

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Nep. on July 08, 2016